Brick Textures

Regain the beautiful look of brick without harmful and expensive chemical or abrasive removal methods. Our painting technique allows for rich color blends and textures to show your building at it’s best.  

Green Approach

Unlike abrasive removal, our EPA accepted method safely encapsulates lead based paints that are prevalent on older building exteriors and is a green approach to building preservation.

Return on Equity

Cost to complete the project is usually 1/5 or less that of stripping paint and repointing. The Brick FX finishing method typically provides an excellent return on cost.

Choose Your Blend

You choose from a variety of brick colors and blends. Custom blends are also available. We prep and then paint your building with top quality, vapor permeable (breathable) latex paints, using a variety of techniques and layers to achieve the ultra realistic look.

Easy to Repair

It’s easy to touch up any areas that may be damaged or vandalized because Brick FX is a variegated system,  Touch up or repainting a small section of the wall is possible without color matching problems. This is a unique advantage that is not possible with solid paint colors due to fading and weathering.

The Brick FX finishing method provides

an excellent way to recover brick’s classic look and add value to your painted brick building or home.

We specialize in painting previously painted brick buildings with a finishing system which accurately replicates

the natural appearance of brick and

mortar. This technique is so realistic

that passers-by on our projects often comment about how wonderful the brick looks now that we’re removing the paint.

The only catch? We’re not removing the paint, our artisan finishers are in fact painting a beautiful finish.

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Finishing solutions for previously

painted brick surfaces.