What are the advantages of the Brick FX painting system over abrasive or chemical paint removal from brick walls?

Other approaches to restore natural brick appearance:

Abrasive paint removal

will remove the fired protective layer on most brick and will always permanently damage masonry materials and mortar joints. This damage causes water vulnerability in masonry units and ultimately, early wall failure.

Chemical paint removal

is accomplished with the use of very harsh chemicals in most cases to be effective in the difficult task of paint removal on brick surfaces. This is also accompanied by the necessity for high powered pressure washing and scraping,

Both of these cleaning methods will cause damage to masonry walls in the case of older buildings.

EPA considerations! :  

 EPA requires individuals and firms who perform abatement projects in pre-1978 target housing and child-occupied             facilities to be certified and follow specific work practices.

1.    If paint on the building contains lead, a RRP certified contractor must be utilized to remove paint in order to avoid fines        and lead pollution. this is usually cost prohibitively expensive for most building owners. These must be considerations        in paint removal or renovation on any pre-1978 building or home.

2.   The chemicals used for paint removal is usually classified as hazardous waste. This means that the waste water and       chemicals used in paint removal must be recovered and disposed of in an approved manner. This translates into very

     high expense for proper removal and hefty fines if the material is not handled properly.

Brick FX Method:

What maintenance is required and what is the expected service life of the coating?

Maintenance & Cleaning:

No maintenance is required for the coating, however, for longest service life expectancy, flashing and wall caps with proper drip edges must be maintained.

The wall system should be treated as any high quality paint coating. Cleaning should be accomplished with a water hose and soft brush if desired. Soap Abrasive or high pressure cleaning will damage coating surface.

Service Life Expectancy:

While we only use the highest quality products available which offer limited lifetime warranties, the reasonable service life expectancy of the coatings of course dependant on the surface quality of the substrate wall along with weather exposure. As shown in the chart below, it is an excellent cost to value finish.

A comparison of costs and maintenance requirements:

What about warranties?

We only use premium coatings which offer a limited lifetime warranty. In addition, we offer a 24 month workmanship warranty

on all of our projects.

Can I order samples?

Absolutely. We are happy to provide samples at no cost to you. This will help you determine if our stock colors are suitable or if you will require a custom color blend for your project. Once we have scheduled your project, we provide a sample directly on your brick building to ensure that the selected blend is exactly what you want.

Does it look real?

Yes! Each brick is painted individually by our skilled artisans. The appearance of the finished work is truly a work of art that both us - and you - can be proud of!

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Brick FX                                                 Previously painted old Exposed Brick
Initial costs
to a finished
brick surface

repairs of
damaged brick


Long term

Does not require any water sealant

Application. System acts as a breathable protection to substrate.

May require repeated applications of penetrating water repellents every 5-7 years to prevent water damage.

Re-application of Brick FX Finish as necessary as with any high quality paint finish. If coating is in good condition, possible touch up only.

Masonry mortar re-pointing every 40 years in high exposure areas. May require sooner re-pointing if water repellents not applied regularly.

From $4.92 per square foot for classic blends to $5.80 per square foot for distinction blends.   

From around $8.00 dollars to $12.00 per square foot for properly removed finishes.

From $1.50 per square foot to $3.00 per square foot. The profile of surrounding masonry is matched without cost.    

From $8.50 per square foot for mortar repair to $20.00 per brick for unit matching and replacement.   

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