costs / lodging for crew - (where applicable)

These items usually do not add significant costs to the project but can play a role in the total project costs.

Special permitting, required repairs, and utility safety considerations are items that will need to be taken into

consideration in order to finalize total project costs.

Please contact us to request a project consultation and quote that is tailored to your requirements.

Minimum Project Requirements

We have a minimum project requirement of $4,000.00 outside of local area. Local area is defined as beyond 75 miles from downtown Kansas City, MO.

Exception:  Paired projects may be exempted from 75 mile minimum pricing rule if together they meet minimum out-of-town pricing requirements and in contractual agreement simultaneously to complete work. Work on both projects must be able to be completed simultaneously.


If project can meet the minimum project requirements on two storefronts in the same town that we perform work for simultaneously, then work can be completed at the standard per-square-foot rate.

Pricing                                              Brick Paint Removal Alternative
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What the Price Includes:

What is Not Included:

Please see the colors / blends page to see blend previews and corresponding blend types

Classic Blends:            $0.73 per brick    =  approximately $4.92 per-square-foot

Distinction Blends:     $0.86 per brick    =  approximately $5.80 per-square-foot

Custom Blends:           varies
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